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Amy E. Richards is an experienced attorney concentrating in family law, practicing in Cook, DuPage, Lake, and McHenry counties.
There are many reasons to seek an attorney who concentrates in family law.  You may be experiencing the breakdown of a marriage.  Perhaps you are struggling with an ex-spouse who is refusing to comply with the terms of your divorce.  Maybe you need help enforcing the child support terms of a prior court order, and assistance in determining the amount of child support that is due after a period of non-payment.  Or you may be seeking help to establish paternity, child support, and a parenting schedule.  Perhaps you need assistance modifying your custody agreement or current visitation schedule.  You may even be seeking protection from an unhealthy and violent situation through an Order of Protection or Restraining Order.
No matter what the reason, the Family Law Office of Amy E. Richards recognizes that you are looking for a competent attorney who understands that this is an emotional time for all individuals involved.  The goal is to walk you through each step of the legal process and to educate you about your options.  That includes meeting with you to determine your temporary and immediate needs, as well as your ultimate goals regarding your children, child support and maintenance, your marital and non-marital assets and debts, and all other issues which must be addressed to fully protect your rights and your children’s best interest.  An educated client can make educated decisions and is better able to choose which path to follow, whether attempting to reach a settlement or to take the matter to trial.


By listening to your wishes and informing you of the law, Amy E. Richards becomes your strongest advocate and provides legal advice based on both experience and research regarding your case.  The Family Law Office of Amy E. Richards will attempt to reach an amicable settlement when desired, and zealously represent you in court to resolve disputed issues.  You will find respect, support and guidance.

Clients are what make The Family Law Office of Amy E. Richards successful. The client is its most valuable asset and this office strives to provide excellent customer service through open, direct, and honest contact – peace of mind so you can focus on your everyday responsibilities.  Amy E. Richards will communicate with you directly to keep you current on the progress of your case, advising you in a timely manner of all court dates, communications with opposing counsel, court filings, and other completed work. You will receive copies of all court orders and filings, written communications, discovery, and all other documents received throughout your case.  It is a top priority to promptly return your calls and emails and be accessible to advise you as your case progresses.

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